Catholic sexuality

This is a Catholic site dealing with sexuality

The Catholic Church and sex have often been seen as hostile to each other. We present a modern view based on academic scholarship and pastoral experience.

Sexual morality has ultimately to be decided by everyone’s own conscience.

But it is not easy for Christians to live a healthy sexual relationship in today’s world. On the one side secular society seems, at times, to have embraced a philosophy of unbridled sexual licentiousness. On the other side church leaders frequently overreact and fail to provide the wholesome balanced guidance that would really help people.



Genuine love should be the guiding principle in discerning right from wrong.

Sex and love – Overview


Decisions on specific issues are not always easy in the complex circumstances of life.

Sex in Life – Overview 


It is important to remain aware of the negative influences that have shaped many traditional views on sex.

Sex in Tradition – Overview

Resources – Overview

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