The Catholic Church is obsessed with sex

In the video clip that follows, the well-known actor Stephen Fry criticises the Catholic Church. He mentions especially the treatment of homosexuals – he himself is a homosexual. He also highlights the plight of AIDS patients in Africa. On other occasions, Stephen Fry has publicly recorded his esteem for individual Catholics and for the immense good which Catholic institutions are doing around the world.

Stephen Fry is not a Catholic, but much of his criticism is true. As followers of Jesus Christ who was the Truth, we cannot afford to ignore true and valid criticism. Jesus wants us to be ‘the salt of the earth’, ‘a light to the world’, ‘a city on a hill top’, ‘a lamp on a lamp-stand shining light on all in our (human) household’ (Matthew 5,13-16). If so, our Catholic ‘obsession with sex’ needs reform.

John Wijngaards