Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price was born on October 15th 1934 and educated at The Convent of the Sacred Heart at Hove. She married in 1961 and has three sons and two daughters. Finding that in her case lactation suppressed both ovulation and menstruation, Elizabeth spaced her first four children by prolonged breast feeding. At this time she followed the debates on marriage in Vatican II and what rumours there were of the work of the Pontifical Commission. Like many others, she was appalled at Humanae Vitae and John Paul II’s reiterations of its teaching, of which Dr Lavinia Byrne is the latest theological victim.

Lifelong study, including a two-year pastoral theology diploma course in the 1990s, was a quest to find some way to bridge the gap between a world which feels that contraception is right, and the Catholic Church’s Magisterium which thinks it is making a heroic and lonely stand against “The Culture of Death”.


Whilst a student nurse at the Middlesex Hospital in 1956, Elizabeth Price met a catholic patient who had a rare blood incompatibility with her husband. This led her to have six stillbirths at five months’ gestation. The effect on her physical and mental health was horrific. Her confessor forbade her to be sterilised or to use contraception, and told her to live as brother and sister with her husband. “But I am his wife, not his sister” the woman replied – a statement of profound and ignored theological truth.

The paper she wrote Seeing Sin Where None Is is dedicated to that patient who so heroically combined spousal life with obedience to the demands of her Faith.