Review of AMRUTHA. What the Pope's man found out about the Law of Nature, by John Wijngaards



Dr Aaron Milavec, Vice-Principal Catherine of Siena College, Cincinnati Ohio.

Author of many books, among them: Salvation is from the Jews, Exploring Scriptural Sources, A Pilgrim's Experiences of World Religions and To Empower as Jesus Did.

If you’re seeking romance and adventure, this is your story.  If you want to travel extensively in Asia, this is your travel log.  If you want to unravel the intricacies of the sexual morality of the current Roman Catholic Church, this is your cup of tea.

This volume begins by exploring the bureaucratic culture of the Vatican.  Quite suddenly, however, our hero, Msgr. Shamus McKenna, takes a journey into the heart of India.  His papal mission is to study “natural law” as it pertains to women.  His quest for the truth brings him to explore options that he never considered before.  He discovers extraordinary women and dangerous men that invariably push his boundaries of propriety.  At every point his determination to follow “natural law” leads him into the murky and untested waters of sex, morality, heroism, and women’s lives. 

"Be faithful to natural law”, the Pope had ordered. Alright. He would adopt natural law as a principle. From now on he would obey natural law totally and scrupulously till the last detail, leading to moral mayhem. The love stories in the book are natural and compelling. Throughout I enjoyed the author's ability to keep the historical tension of what must be coming next.

Msgr. Shamus McKenna begins as a narrow-minded bureaucrat in theVatican service to the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith.  His mind-bending and heart-rending experiences of fifteen years leads him slowly and inexorably to discover a much truer and more humane vision of women’s nature.  Furthermore, his obsession with natural law brings him to confirm that there is no single, universal formulation of natural law. The three case studies detailed in his journeys indicate clearly that there are anthropological, social and cultural aspects that shape and mold human nature wherever it shows up.

In short, I found this novel engaging and endearing. I wept a good half-dozen times . . . Tongue-in-cheek humor brought me spontaneous laughter. This work is a cross between Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Don Johnson's The Harrad Experiment. And, being a prophetic theologian, Wijngaards outdoes them both.

Dr Aaron Milavec - July 2011



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AMRUTHA. novel by John Wijngaards
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