Reform of Catholic teaching
on sexual morality
- why it does not happen

The Popes and their Roman staff do not listen to advice from others, not even from Bishops. They have their minds made up. They refuse to ever concede they might be wrong. Women may not function as priests. Contraceptives are always wrong. Sexual acts - even just touching oneself or thinking about sex - outside marriage are mortal sins.

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, retired Catholic bishop of Sydney, Australia, wrote a book: Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus (Liturgical Press, 2008). Here he explains how the Pope came to proclaim the ban on women's ordination and other sexual laws. The Pope does not want to listen.



AMRUTHA. novel by John Wijngaards
how to escape outdated Christian sexual morality
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Is love simply sex? When is sex sinful? Periods
New Focus in Catholic Sexual Morality - academic sources Origin
of negative attitudes to sex

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