The Mania of ‘All Sex is Sin’

the origins of the negative attitude to sex in the Catholic Church

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Greek Philosophy

400 BC – 200 AD

* Women are inferior by nature.
* Male and female were split into two genders.
* Women were created to punish men.

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Hebrew Myths

100 BC – 500 AD

The female demon Lilith was created with Eve.

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John’s Gospel

ca 90 AD

Darkness and Light


Gnostic Religions

ca. 100 – 1400

body and sex are evil

Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

100 – 110 AD

Opposition of Spirit and Flesh

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St Augustine

354 – 430 AD

* sex in marriage passes on original sin;
* sexual pleasure is wrong

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Medieval Theologians

1000-1500 AD

* borrowed negative concepts from Augustine;
* based sexuality on presumed ‘natural law


Unchristian Practices


* purification after childbirth;
* belief in sex with devils & witch hunts

Papal Encyclicals

1900 – now

erroneous teaching:
etc., etc.