Why naked imagery on our website?

This website is about our bodies being sacred.
We need not be ashamed of any part of our human body.

While modesty has its place in certain circumstances, the fact is that many people in the West still harbour negative feelings about their bodies. These feelings derive from a dualistic distrust of the body inherited from the past. Many women still think that their periods and childbirth make them unclean. Men are embarassed about their sexual organ being considered unmentionable and obscene.

Yes, there is a taboo in western culture about our sexual organs – forbidding the mentioning of our sexual organs in public or displaying them, even when this comes naturally. But this is wrong.

No representation of a human person should be rejected as pornographic or obscene simply because it shows the person naked.

Fear of social nudity is one reason why children grow up with unwarranted complexes about their sexuality. This in turn leads suppressed sexuality to seek compensation or deny to others a just and Christian celebration of their bodies.

On this website we redress the balance by providing correct information and by presenting human bodies frankly. In this we are guided by Christian principles.

If The Body is Sacred were to be squeamish in showing naked bodies, if it would simply surrender to the figleaf tradition, we would in our own way contribute to the unChristian suppression of human sexuality.

John Wijngaards