Conception and birth of a Male Child

False Doctrine of Male Superiority by Nature, Diagram 3

The heat of passion serves to create the semen, and so passion, and its concomitant pleasure were considered essential to procreation.

"In a single impact of both parts (body & soul) the whole human frame is shaken and foams with semen, as the damp humour of the body is joined to the hot substance of the spirit. and then, (I speak of this at the risk of seeming improper, but I do not wish to forgo my chance of proving my case) in that last breaking wave of delight, do we not feel something of our very soul go out from us?"
Tertullian (160-220 AD), De anima 27.5.

The semen contains the future offspring which, in a good conception, will always be male.  
(Maleness comes) not from fire or any such force, but from the SPIRIT included in the semen . . . and the natural principle of spirit, being analogous to the stars.
Aristotle (384-322 BC), The Generation of Animals , 2. 3. 735a [30-35] - 4. 737 a [1-10, 34].
"(The spirit) in the semen, when possessed of vitality, makes us males, hot, well braced in limbs, heavy, well-voiced, spirited, strong to think and act."
Aretaeus (130-200 AD), Causes and Symptoms of chronic diseases 2.5.

"When thirsting for children a man falls into a kind of trance, softened and subdued by the pleasures of generation as by sleep, so that again something drawn from his flesh is . . . fashioned into another man. For the harmony of bodies being disturbed in the embraces of love, as those tell us who have experienced the marriage state, all the marrow-like and generative part of the blood, like a kind of liquid bone, coming together from all the members worked into foam and curdled, is projected through the organs of generation into the living body of the female."
Methodius (d. 311), The banquet of the ten virgins, 2.2.

Foetuses developed their full potential, maleness, if they amassed a decisive surplus of “heat” and “vital spirit” in the early stages in utero.


The outcome of such a successful conception and gestation, will be another male.

Being full of spirit the future man will possess all the higher qualities of the male: mind, ability to lead, sense of responsibility and the seed for new generations.


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