Consequences for Sexual Ethics

False Doctrine of Male Superiority by Nature, Diagram 5


Because men were thought to carry complete copies of future men (and at unlucky times women) in their semen, they possessed special responsibility towards their seed.


In a number of ways, the seed could be prevented from entering the woman’s womb:

  • by spilling the seed (Onan, Genesis 38,7-10;
  • by using contraceptives.
 boom_sperm  Remember, the semen contains a complete copy of the future offspring which, in a good conception, will always be male.  

The Sin of Wasting Male Semen

Because of their acceptance of the established doctrine of the ‘male’ seed, the Fathers of the Church and medieval theologians were horrified by the idea that such precious seed could be ‘wasted’.

“Because of its divine institution for the propagation of man, the seed is not to be vainly ejaculated, nor is it to be damaged, nor is it to be wasted.”
Clement of Alexandria (191 AD), The Instructor of Children 2:10:91:2.

This led to the Church’s condemnation of


diagram1 diagram2 diagram3 diagram4 diagram5
spirit over matter

man over woman

male child

female child

lost sperm