World of Spirit over Matter

False Doctrine of Male Superiority by Nature, Diagram 1


Higher Realities

Some things in the world are superior:

sky, heaven,
sun, fire, light
especially: SPIRIT

“Let us make note of the fact that the body of man is constructed like the world itself. As the sky is pre-eminent over air, earth and sea, which serve as members of the world, so we observe that the head has a position above the other members of our body.”
Ambrose, Hexameron, 9.55; Cf. Plotinus, Second Ennead, 1,3,


Lower Realities

Other things in the world are of inferior value:

the earth,
plants and animals,
night and darkness,
all belonging to
perishable MATTER



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 spirit over matter

male over female

male child

female child

lost sperm